Relax in a dreamlike environment

What could be a better way to end an eventful day in the fresh air than visiting the Corones sauna landscape and spa. Here in quiet surroundings, you can totally relax.


A special relief for your body, each day using different herbs. The uniqueness of this kind of sauna is the use of natural herbs whose substances are being deployed by jets of steam. As this type of Sauna produces moderate temperatures, it is very popular with people with low blood pressure.

Finnish sauna

The traditional sauna where temperatures are around 90° C and 95° C.

Infrared cabin

Infrared is a natural radiation that we encounter daily in multiple ways. This application is in many ways a satisfaction for body and mind. The deep heat penetration helps with tensions and chronic pain. It supports the metabolism and helps to lose weight. It improves the skin and regenerates the muscles. The beneficial warmth, music and pleasant colours promote total relaxation.


In addition to its healthy radiated warmth, different aromas are added. These aromas have a nurturing effect on the skin and hair. The humidity is 100 %.

*Access to the wellness area is permitted from the age of 15.
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